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2threshattack~External Two-threshold attack detector, aka a Schmitt Trigger http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schmitt_trigger
deinterleaveExternal Interleave multiple input lists to one output list. E.g., if inputs are "A B C" and "1 2 3", the output will be "A 1 B 2 C 3".
devoscExternal Read devosc data from /dev/osc and output as a binary "fullpacket" message
lbylExternal Echo an input stream of numbers to the output, but "don't believe" large jumps in the value unless the output stays at that value for a while.
list-accumExternal "Accumulate" a list by adding elements gradually. Much like "zl group" except it can output arbitrary-length lists.
list-interpolateExternal remembers the last two lists you sent it.
matlabcommunicateExternal Bridge between Max/MSP and Matlab using the Matlab Engine
mattrms~External RMS energy analyzer with an idiosyncratic control structure
mlpExternal Artificial Neural Network
multibufAbstraction this abstraction helps you read sound files into buffer~'s.
OpenSoundControlExternal Translate between Max data and buffers in CNMAT's "OpenSoundControl" ("OSC") network protocol.
OSC-routeExternal Dispatch messages through an OpenSound Control address hierarchy with pattern matching
OSC-unrouteJavascript (js) Opposite of OSC-route: prepends bits of OSC addresses to existing OSC messages (javascript)
otudpExternal Send or receive data over ethernet using the UDP protocol, using Open Transport.
peqbank~External Banks of shelving and parametric EQ filters.
printitExternal Really print everything about what comes in the inlet
res-transformExternal Set of basic transformations for Resonance Models
SDIF-bufferExternal Store an SDIF stream in Max
SDIF-fileinfoExternal Read info about SDIF streams from an SDIF file
SDIF-infoExternal report overall info about an SDIF-buffer
SDIF-listpokeExternal Write data from a Max list into an SDIF-buffer
SDIF-rangesExternal Find ranges of data in an SDIF-buffer
SDIF-tuplesExternal Extract "tuples" of data (a list of values for each column) from an SDIF-buffer and concatenate them to form a Max list.
sinusoids~External Bank of sinusoidal oscillators
smooth-biquad~External smooth-biquad~ is just like biquad~ except that new coefficient updates are "smoothed"

SDIF SDIF (Sound Description Interchange Format) support in Max/MSP

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