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au.differenceExternal display only the difference between frames
au.disperseExternal smear / spread / multiply portions of image
au.duotoneExternal render image in 2 selected colors only
au.echoplexExternal delay with feedback
au.ektaExternal the look of over-exposed film
au.fadeExternal auto fade-in / fade-out
au.fearExternal the look of fear
au.feedbackExternal blend + displace multiples of image
au.grayscaleExternal fast accurate b+w conversion
au.hcExternal combine motion and accumulated stills
au.hueExternal rotate hue, preserve luminance
au.imposeExternal the look of an imposition
au.invertExternal flip color values
au.ledExternal simulated light-emitting diode display
au.legionExternal multiplied scaling of image
au.lfoExternal external low-frequency oscillator (internal LFO in every object)
au.lumaExternal increase / deacrease luminance value
au.lumakeyExternal completely smooth luminance keying
au.lunarizeExternal the look of lunarization
au.mblurExternal very efficient motion blurring
au.mimeoExternal the look of very low quality
au.mirrorExternal reflection from any point, at any angle
au.mixExternal blend images -- 46 modes
au.mix.multiExternal blend multi images -- 46 modes
au.mix.selectExternal select 2 of multiple images to blend

242.miau nato.0+55 externals
AUVI objects for Jitter Software to perform unique, complex video effects in real-time. Optimized for fastest performance and best image quality
Miau-Miau International objects 10 externals + help files: olivetti | tesselate | tintin | refrakt | wrap bounce | fling | xy.rand | xy.drunk | xy.tintin

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