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au.multateExternal multiple rotate
au.neonExternal the look of neon
au.newsprintExternal the look of newsprint
au.noisebedExternal key image onto noise
au.outlineExternal trace edges of image
au.plasticExternal the look of plastic
au.posterExternal reduce number of color levels
au.quantizeExternal decimate resolution
au.queueExternal blend image with multiple previous frames
au.rotateExternal rotate image
au.saturateExternal increase / decrease saturation
au.scaleExternal completely smooth zoom in / zoom out
au.scrollExternal displace image
au.self.displaceExternal auto-displace based on data in each frame
au.self.duoExternal auto-duotone based on data in each frame
au.self.scaleExternal auto-scale based on data in each frame
au.self.scrollExternal auto-scroll based on data in each frame
au.self.tintExternal auto-tint based on data in each frame
au.sequenceExternal layout frames at stills
au.sequence2External layout frames as multiple moving images
au.smootherExternal smooth incoming numeric data
au.softcutExternal automatic change of hard-cut transition to dissolve
au.solarizeExternal the look of solarization
au.speckleExternal render image as dot-pattern
au.staggerExternal displace in multiple directions + speeds

242.miau nato.0+55 externals
AUVI objects for Jitter Software to perform unique, complex video effects in real-time. Optimized for fastest performance and best image quality
Miau-Miau International objects 10 externals + help files: olivetti | tesselate | tintin | refrakt | wrap bounce | fling | xy.rand | xy.drunk | xy.tintin

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