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au.stillExternal grab and retain stil image from stream
au.sympathyExternal the look of sympathy
au.tintExternal variable-depth tinting
au.topographExternal the look of topography
au.tritoneExternal separate tinting for highs, mids, and shadow
au.tweenExternal grab and fade between successive stills
au.typhoonExternal the look of a typhoon
au.unclearExternal allow the frame to fill with old pixels
au.wasteExternal the look of nuclear waste
au.windowExternal output small image from large (eg) digital photo
au.wipeExternal standard wipes between two inputs
au.wipexExternal custom wipes between two inputs
au.woodcutExternal the look of a woodcut
au.zardozExternal the look of zardoz
bounceExternal if input value goes outside range, excess bounces back from limit
datareaderExternal Datareader is designed as a general-purpose MAX/MSP tool for the production of data sonifications and other applications in which reading multi-column spreadsheet data quickly and easily is necessary.
flingExternal if input value goes beyond range, new random value (from inside limits) + proceedes in new random direction.
getangleExternal getAngle : determine angle from (x, y) coords
insertlistExternal insert item(s) into list
olivettiExternal Stores text -- outputs it word by word(s) or letter by letter(s)
refraktExternal Generates fractal values
tessellateExternal tile mapping of coordinates
tintinExternal selects random values / stores them / outputs them randomly or algorithmically
wrapExternal if input value exceeds range, excess wraps around other side
xy.drunkExternal like drunk object, for coordinate values

242.miau nato.0+55 externals
AUVI objects for Jitter Software to perform unique, complex video effects in real-time. Optimized for fastest performance and best image quality
Miau-Miau International objects 10 externals + help files: olivetti | tesselate | tintin | refrakt | wrap bounce | fling | xy.rand | xy.drunk | xy.tintin

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