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St.OnePrintAbstraction To prevent multiple copyright notices being print into the Max window.
St.opwatchAbstraction A stopwatch based on system time. It will continue even when set to sleep.
St.OvertonesAbstraction Maps Overtones into one octave
St.PresetAidAbstraction an oldstyle preset user interface, but wraps it around the new pattr system.
St.PresetRestoreAbstraction A workaround for a bug in preset.
St.QuantAbstraction Quantize incoming values
St.RAbstraction Alternate receive.
St.RepeatsAbstraction Counts repetitions
St.ripnoteAbstraction Acts like stripnote, but works as well with other types f.e. float.
St.SAbstraction alternate send.
St.SampleBuffer~Abstraction Used by the St.Buffers abstraction and sends automatically the info about the loaded sample to 'SoundnameInfo' and to the outlet.
St.SM-HDWAbstraction Gives weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.
St.ubstituteAbstraction Substitutes elements according to a named coll.
St.UniqueAbstraction St.Unique will create unique symbols based on the symbols which have been feed to the left inlet.
St.unpackAbstraction Like unpack, but it will slice to any type.
St.UnselctAbstraction Helps to get around the annoying problem of a focus on an object stealing keypresses an alike.
St.vbap~Abstraction a wrapper for Ville Pullkis vbap
St.Voice~Abstraction Used for St.ools sampler abstractions.
St.Vols~Abstraction a stereo version of St.Vol~
St.Vol~Abstraction Translates Midivolume to control an [*~]
St.wapAbstraction Like swap but for any type of input.
St.WildAbstraction replace a wildcard as first or last part of a symbol by the left input
St.WindowMoverAbstraction Moves the patcherwindow into the middle of your screen if it is offscreen.
St.ypeWordAbstraction To type words for example as commands without the need to terminate with 'enter', 'space' or something like that.
stripnameAbstraction Split path information from a full pathname into path and name.

abhaXions hacked X abstractions of missing externals.
St.ools Useful abstractions.

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