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rintAbstraction Like int, but will round incoming floats to the closest int.
roudoneAbstraction Like [route done], but will prevent from passing the 'done' message if loadbangs are not fireing by cmd-shift loading.
route#Abstraction To prevent #x arguments to be fired when you edit the original but still rotes it to an extra outlet.
rstAbstraction Filter for symbol and text...
sel#Abstraction To prevent #1 arguments to be fired when you edit the original
sel0Abstraction Bangs to the left outlet on 0 as well as on 0.0x
sends~Abstraction Multiple [send] with setable parameter.
shiftcmdgateAbstraction Opens normaly, but if you hold shift and cmd, it will close.
speedline~Abstraction Generate ramps and line segments based on speed
splangeAbstraction Splits an incoming stream of numbers into decreasing, same and increasing parts.
splitterAbstraction Passes smaller values out the left, equal values out the middle and bigger values out the right outlet.
sploddAbstraction Splits odd and even numbers.
spraylistAbstraction Does the opposite of [listfunnel]
St.Abstraction A wrapper for multiple operators.
St.-#Abstraction To prevent error when loading patches with # arguments
St.-dblAbstraction filter duplicates but after a set time
St.==Abstraction Comparison for any message type lists, symbols, numbers etc.
St.amplePlay~Abstraction Simplifies the creation of sample players.
St.ampler~Abstraction Loads samples from the specified folder and spreads them automatically according to their defined base key over the keyboard. It can have up to 6 parameters.
St.ARecAbstraction a recording object which will automatically open a soundfile and give it a name according to the date and time.
St.AutoScaleAbstraction An adaptive scale object
St.AverageAbstraction Each input will cause an output which is the average of the last n input values.
St.BangCountAbstraction Counts bangs within a set of time
St.bankoutAbstraction Turn sprogram numbers higher than 127 into the required combination of bank change and program change midi events.
St.BPM2msAbstraction Beat per minutes to millisecond translator.

abhaXions hacked X abstractions of missing externals.
St.ools Useful abstractions.

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