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int.jitAbstraction preset manager/interpolation interface
int.listAbstraction allows lists to be used as presets
int.vstAbstraction wrapper for MSP's vst~ object. allows vst plugin parameters to be used as presets
multiallpass~External Stackable allpass filter
ol.autotalentExternal autotalent msp port
ol.mousewheelExternal This external allows you to attach an event handler to the frontmost window or a jitter context to capture mousewheel events for that window.
ol.tunedcomb~External tuned comb filter / resonator

int.lib int.lib is a set of abstractions/javascripts that lets you interpolate between different presets by navigating a 2D graphical environment. It's similar in concept to the Audiomulch Metasurface, Color blobs and the Hipnoscope but implements a gravitational system, allowing you to represent presets with variable sized balls. As you move around the space, the size of the balls and their proximity to the mouse cursor affects the weight of each preset in the interpolated output.

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