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p.decimatorAbstraction p.decimator is a Max/MSP abstraction that loads a sample and splits it into ‘n’ slices and rearranges the slices according to the user’s input.
p.jit.gl.gridshapeAbstraction wrapper for jit.gl.gridshape
p.jit.gl.handleAbstraction wrapper for jit.gl.handle
p.jit.gl.imageunitAbstraction wrapper for jit.gl.imageunit
p.jit.gl.recordAbstraction record the scene as a movie using the glreadpixels render-to-matrix method or take snapshots of the window
p.jit.gl.renderAbstraction wrapper for jit.render
p.jit.gl.shaderAbstraction a wrapper for the jitter shader object that automatically reveals a shader’s parameters for editing
p.jit.gl.sketchExternal wrapper for jit.gl.sketch
p.jit.gl.textureAbstraction wrapper for jit.gl.texture
p.jit.gl.videoplaneAbstraction wrapper for jit.gl.videoplane
p.jit.windowAbstraction wrapper for jit.window
p.storageAbstraction p.storage is a Max/MSP abstraction that accompanies the pattrstorage object. It provides a simple interface to pattrstorage and enables easy storing, recalling, inserting, replacing, locking and deleting of presets within your patch.
p.storage 5Abstraction p.storage for max 5 - communicate with pattrstorage

p.jit.gl.tools the p.jit.gl tools are designed to provide for easier learning of and experimenting with the many attributes that are available to jitter's gl objects by making them a whole lot more transparent and accessible. patches expose jitter gl object's attributes to interfaces that allow you to immediately edit and change an attribute's value. many of the parameters are attached to blines, which provide smooth changes while rendering, and all settings can be saved and recalled as presets using the pattrs that are embedded in the patches.

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