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f0.list_collectAbstraction builds a list of incoming messages
f0.list_first_nonzeroAbstraction output index of first non-zero item in list
f0.list_num_nonzeroAbstraction count number of non-zero items in a list
f0.liveAbstraction record and repeat x messages y times
f0.makenoteExternal replacement for the standard [makenote] object. this one also handles midi channels
f0.miniseq2Abstraction midi note sequencer with variable playback rate
f0.mouse_moveAbstraction this abstraction will move the mouse by a small amount if inactive for more that x seconds
f0.ms_to_hmsAbstraction converts milliseconds to hours-minutes-seconds
f0.multidelay~Abstraction tap delay with variable number of tap outputs, independent delaytimes and levels
f0.n22jitExternal nato to jitter bridge object - for peace and understanding
f0.noergaardExternal per nørgård's infinity series
f0.oitarAbstraction calculate width/height proportion
f0.onceAbstraction loadbang that only fires once for all instances
f0.one_through_gateAbstraction lets only one message pass, then closes the gate
f0.overviewPatch browser patch for my objects
f0.pduJavaclass (mxj) decode mobile phone text messages (sms)
f0.play_env~Abstraction one shot sample player with an envelope
f0.play~Abstraction one shot sample player
f0.rAbstraction receiver that remembers and has a built in gate
f0.randAbstraction floating-point random
f0.rand2Abstraction floating point random bilinear
f0.rangeExternal finds minimum, middle and maximum values from a stream of values
f0.range2External similar to f0.range but with an added smooth factor
f0.range2~External finds minimum, middle and maximum values of a signal and remembers them with a smooth factor
f0.range~External finds minimum, middle and maximum values of a signal and remembers them until reset

f0.abs a bunch of abstractions that someone might find helpful
f0.externals some externals for max
f0.mxj some java classes for max
make-enveloppe seven abstractions that creates different kinds of envelopes. perfect for grain synthesis. including adsr, blackman, curve, gauss, hamming, hanning, trapezoid.

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