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jr.360dial.jsJavascript (jsui) as jsui_360dial.js but with endless dial behavior
jr.allintAbstraction Step through all numbers given in the range of the two latest received integers
jr.autokeyAbstraction simple utility to output bang when selected key are pressed
jr.autokeyflagAbstraction flag when matching character pressed on keyboard
jr.bangerAbstraction outputs bangs in a sequence. Like the original banger object by Peter Elsea. Accepts attributes
jr.bp.adc~Abstraction a bpatcher abstraction for stereo sound input
jr.bp.cpuAbstraction a bpatcher abstraction to show the cpu usage of the DSP chain
jr.bp.dac~Abstraction a bpatcher abstraction for stereo sound output
jr.bufferautopan4~Abstraction uses a buffer window function for auto panning in four channels
jr.bufferautopan6~Abstraction uses a buffer window function for auto panning in six channels
jr.bufferautopan8~Abstraction uses a buffer window function for auto panning in eight channels
jr.bufferautopan~Abstraction uses a buffer window function for stereo auto panning
jr.cpuAbstraction show the cpu usage of the DSP chain in percent
jr.distortion~Abstraction distorts an audio signal
jr.dropopenAbstraction abstraction to open files by drag and drop in Mac OS X (requires shell)
jr.dsponAbstraction Audio is always on!
jr.evenoddAbstraction Split integers into odd and even numbers
jr.footswitchAbstraction Detect state of analog signal input from a simple footswitch (ex. from a midi piano).
jr.hmsAbstraction show elapsed time in hours:minutes:seconds
jr.idmAbstraction abstraction to increment, decrement and multiply numbers
jr.jxbAbstraction abstraction for use with the junxionboard from STEIM, to get sensor data into maxmsp.
jr.killAbstraction abstraction to kill applications in Mac OS X (requires shell)
jr.lfoautopan~Abstraction use a sine curve (cycle~) as function for stereo autopanning
jr.listlabelAbstraction split list of numbers into pairs of . Only outputs values when changed.
jr.metro~Abstraction A signal domain metro with both steady and variable tempo

jr.abstractions A set of simple abstractions for everyday maxmsp life

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