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jr.midi.ctlinAbstraction midicontroller abstraction with midilearn function
jr.midi.incdecAbstraction abstraction to use midicontroller to continously increment and decrement numbers
jr.midi.rangerAbstraction set curve and range for incoming midi values
jr.midi.stereopanAbstraction abstraction to use midicontroller and rslider to pan a stereo signal
jr.midside~Abstraction Adjust the stereo image with MS stereo technique
jr.onegateAbstraction bang to open gate and let only the first message thru
jr.phasor~Abstraction phasor~ with propability controlled, randomized varispeed option
jr.pmpAbstraction abstraction to replace plugmultiparam, when values from 4th outlet of vst~ are needed (requires Lchange)
jr.preferencesAbstraction Abstraction to store int numbers in preference files in /User/Library/Preferences on Mac OS X
jr.randomnameAbstraction generate a random name of numbers and letters
jr.randomname_lowercaseAbstraction generate a random name in lower case letters
jr.randomname_uppercaseAbstraction generate a random name in upper case letters
jr.rotboxAbstraction rotary numberbox
jr.route~Abstraction Route signal int float list and symbols (extended version of Stefan Tiedjes route~)
jr.scale~Abstraction A signal domain scale function with exponential curve, Maps input range of values to output range
jr.stereophase~Abstraction Manipulate the stereo image by imposing phase inverted versions of the signals from the opposite channels
jr.stopwatchAbstraction Shows elapsed time in either lcd or a message box in format hh:mm:ss. (Extended vesion of 'kronoLCD' by Kasper T Toeplitz)
jr.zmap~Abstraction A signal domain zmap, Maps input range of values to output range

jr.abstractions A set of simple abstractions for everyday maxmsp life

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