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dot.aggregateAbstraction Calculates aggregate of a list or a windowed stream.
dot.boundaryAbstraction Mutes, clamps, wraps, or folds a stream of numbers at a predefined minimum and/or maximum value.
dot.cartopol3Abstraction Converts 3D Cartesian coordinates to polar representation.
dot.changeAbstraction Just like the change object, but works for symbols and lists.
dot.covarianceAbstraction Calculates covariance of two windowed streams of numbers.
dot.doubleSLIPdecodeAbstraction Parses double-ended SLIP-encoded data with user-defined start, end, and escape characters.
dot.doubleSLIPencodeAbstraction Encodes data using double-ended slip-coding with user-defined start, end, and escape characters.
dot.dynamicexpressionAbstraction User-definable expr-based scaling with autoscale.
dot.emaAbstraction Calculates the Exponential Moving Average of a stream of numbers.
dot.emdAbstraction Calculates the Exponential Moving Deviation of a stream of numbers.
dot.exemplarcovarianceAbstraction Calculates covariance of a windowed stream of numbers and an example.
dot.fileinAbstraction Adds dump command to the filein object.
dot.fqaAbstraction Factored Quaternion Algorithm for calculating orientation from magnetometer and accelerometer data.
dot.jabAbstraction Detect "jabbing" gestures in acceleration data.
dot.jit.quaternion.conjugateAbstraction Calculate the conjugate of a quaternion stored in the planes of a jitter matrix.
dot.jit.quaternion.inverseAbstraction Calculate the inverse of a quaternion stored in the planes of a jitter matrix.
dot.jit.quaternion.multiplyAbstraction Multiply two quaternions stored in the planes of a jitter matrix.
dot.leakyintegrator2Abstraction Integrator with a leak... handles floating-point numbers, signed values, leak expressions.
dot.matchNthAbstraction Outputs message if the nth item matches the argument.
dot.matcNthAbstraction Outputs message if the nth item address pattern matches the argument.
dot.MIDIpedal~Abstraction Detect triggers from a MIDI-pedal through an audio-input.
dot.normalizeAbstraction Normalizes a list of ints or floats, or a windowed stream.
dot.nthAbstraction Works like zl nth, but can match multiple indexes.
dot.orientAbstraction Calculates absolute orientation from gravity and magnetic field vectors.
dot.OSCaliasAbstraction Shortens long OSC addresses by giving them aliases.

Digital Orchestra Toolbox The Digital Orchestra Toolbox is a collection of Max/MSP abstractions that we have found useful in creating gesture processing, mapping, and synthesis patches for digital musical instruments. Each patch is accompanied with a help patch to demonstrate its use.

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