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dot.allocAbstraction Using a shared bus, deliberate to allocate a unique identifier.
dot.appendaddrAbstraction Append text to the end of the first item of a list.
dot.atoiAbstraction Convert a symbol that starts with a decimal number to an integer.
dot.attackslopeAbstraction Given two thresholds, determine the slope between the points at which they are crossed in the positive direction (i.e., attack speed).
dot.channelthreshAbstraction Combines ID-tagged channels into lists using a delay threshold. Like “thresh,” but keeps channel information.
dot.combinoteAbstraction Combines 8 input signals into a single value such that any given combination will be a unique number.
dot.midioutAbstraction Helper for quickly configuring MIDI output.
dot.prependaddrAbstraction Prepend text to the beginning of the first item of a list.
dot.slopeAbstraction Output the slope between each successive point.
dot.threshtrigAbstraction Output a value only once after passing the threshold in the positive or negative directions.

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