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pg.pack~External Pack object for signal (Max5 only).
pg.pollock~External Quasi-synchronous granular synthesizer.
pg.rlgExternal Random list generator.
pg.rolloff~External Estimation of the rolloff frequency.
pg.scaleExternal A scale object with autoscale mode and boundary mode.
pg.smoothExternal Values smoother.
pg.statisticExternal Statisics of a vector
pg.unpack~External Unpack object for signal (Max5 only).
hoa.binaural~External A binaural decoder for ambisonic soundfield.
hoa.delay~Abstraction An ambisonic harmonic delay.
hoa.grain~Abstraction An ambisonic granular synthesizer.
hoa.mirror~Abstraction An ambisonic soundfield mirror.
hoa.mixer~Abstraction An ambisonic harmonic mixer.
hoa.reverberation~Abstraction A ambisonic reverberation.
hoa.wider~Abstraction A fractional ambisonic's orders simulator.
pg.averageExternal Moving average ;

HoaLibrary Hoa Library is a collection of C++ classes and MAX/MSP objects destined to high order ambisonic sound reproduction.
It‘s totally free and made availlable by CICM, a research center bi-localized between Paris VIII University and the MSH (Maison des sciences de l‘Homme).
pg.library The pg.library is a collection of externals for Max 5 and Max 6. It includes a data, a msp and a fft library.
The Data library is a collection of externals for Max 5 and 6 that can be useful for the management, the transformation and the generation of data. The Dsp library is a collection of externals for Max 5 that allows you to pack/unpack signals and to adapt signals for the operations with packed signals. It includes a quasi-synchronous granlular synthesiser and chaotic signal generator. The FFT library is a collection of externals for Max 6 for spectral description and analysis of a signal.

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