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LlongExternal An object to convert hex symbols to ints
LmaskExternal An object to predefine certain members of a list
LmatchExternal An object to search a list for the first occurrence of another list
LmatrixExternal An object to stack lists and extract lists of specified members.
LmaxExternal An object to compare two lists member by member and produce a list of the high values.
LmeanExternal An object to calculate the mean values between two lists, member by member.
LmergeExternal An object to mix lists
LminExternal An object to compare two lists member by member and produce a list of the low value of each pair.
LmultExternal An object to multiply two lists, member by member.
LnoteExternal A multichannel version of make note.
LnthExternal An object to let every nth item through.
LoopExternal An object to safely control iterated processes.
LpadExternal An object to generate lists of predetermined length.
LpairExternal Iterates and synchronizes two lists.
LpastExternal A threshold detector with hysterisis.
LpeakExternal Reports the highest member of a list
LpercExternal An object to play notes with velocity and duration preset according to pitch.
LpolyExternal An object to control polyphony
LpowExternal An object to raise the members of a list to the powers set in another list.
LprefExternal An object to manage preference files for patchers. It is a table of 256 ints.
LqueueExternal Slows down a stream of ints
LregExternal A register type object, useful for keeping track of sounding notes.
LremExternal An object to divide one list by another, member by member and output a list of the remainders.
LrepeatExternal Generates lists of repeated patterns.
LreplaceExternal An object to modify values in a list

Lobjects Max objects for manipulation of lists of numbers.

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