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LrorExternal An object to rotate all members of a list.
LroundExternal Rounds off members of a list to desired precision.
LrunExternal Generates lists of consecutive numbers
LsameExternal An object to test two messages to see if they are identical
LscaleExternal An object to adjust range of input values in a linear fashion.
LshiftrExternal An object to shift all members of a list to the right
LshiftregExternal An object to insert items at the beginning of a list.
LsieveExternal Passes members of a list that match desired values.
LsignExternal An object to return the sign of the input value.
LsortExternal An object to sort lists of numbers into ascending order.
LspaceExternal An object to move drawings in an LCD.
LspeakExternal Speaks lists aloud, using the Mac speech manager and internal sound.
LstringExternal An object to convert ASCII into messages.
LstrumExternal An object to arpeggiate and mute chords.
LsubExternal An object to subtract two lists, member by member.
LsumExternal An object to find the total values of all members of a list.
LsustainExternal An object to manage note off messages and provide detailed sustain and sostenuto functions.
LswapExternal An object to rearrange lists.
LswitchExternal An object to choose messages from various inlets.
LsxExternal Creates sysex strings using persistent hex format.
LtagExternal An object to prepend incoming data with a serial number.
LtocollExternal Formats data for insertion into a coll. Lists are kept intact.
LtopExternal An object to report the highest valued members of a list.
LtosetExternal Creates a list with specified members set to stored value.
LtoTabExternal Convert list to a series of ints or floats, with accompanying indices.

Lobjects Max objects for manipulation of lists of numbers.

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