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console.jsJavascript (jsui) a jsui console object
COOPERPatch a framework to control patches from a meta-parameter-level
max.cpa~External max.cpa~ records signal data into an internal buffer
max.fabsExternal max.fabs is an interface to the c fabs() function.
max.floatExternal outputs a formatted version of the float received
max.invclip~External wrapping signal clipping
max.llactExternal multipurpose storage object
max.llriddleExternal remove duplicates and similar values from a series of numbers
max.nsamp~External perform operations on a buffer~, get detailed information about a buffer~ object
max.printExternal like print but without labels
max.urnExternal generate random numbers without duplicates
max.xn2~External normalizes the data between zero crossings of a signal
max.xn~External normalizes the data between zero crossings of a signal
uconsole.jsJavascript (jsui) an interactive console object

max.objects a small collection of external objects for max/msp

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