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babelfishExternal multi-lingual translation from babelfish.altavista.com
beepExternal trigger system alert sound
bufcpy~External copy audio between buffers
change-1External a change for lists of numbers- outputs lists of positions & values that have changed
crackpipeExternal tmpfile writer
existsExternal test for the existence of a file or folder
ganggateExternal multi-gate
googleExternal spellcheck & search google.com using the google web api
googleIMGExternal search the google image bank
googleIMG-javaExternal search the google image bank
launchURLExternal open a browser window, mail or ftp client with a given URL
madeleineExternal reports free memory with a bang
mkdirExternal folder creation
mysqlExternal mysql client.
nypthoExternal embedded python language interpreter
ottoExternal list member substitution
plobExternal probability gate
rmExternal permanent file/folder deletion
routeallExternal route that passes everything
shellExternal unix shell
sluziExternal slow uzi
stuporExternal multiple list iterator-- silly sequencer

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