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choice-rhythmAbstraction rythm generator
choose-intervalsAbstraction Chooses a supply between one to five different intervals.
collectAbstraction Collects numbers
contrarioAbstraction A number in left inlet outputs a complimentary number.
cos-sliderAbstraction Transform a linear slider into a cosine function.
count-bangAbstraction Counts the number of received bangs.
countdownAbstraction countdown object
cp-pan~Abstraction constant power panner
cresc-decrescAbstraction crescendo / decescendo generator
crossfade~Abstraction Crossfades two input signals according to a sine function which guarantees that loudness of the result is constant.
del-fb~Abstraction Delay line with feedback.
divmodAbstraction divmod is the same as / and % for positive left operands.
dur-from-EDAbstraction Calculcats note durations from entry delays (ED) and a duration factor.
ED-rhythmAbstraction rythm generator
ED-transAbstraction produces a ritardando or an accelerando
ED2EPAbstraction Converts ED (= entry delays) into EP (= entry points)
firstAbstraction Outputs the first element of a list.
first-bangAbstraction Outputs only the first bang of a stream of bangs
first-shotAbstraction Outputs only the first message of a stream of messages (bangs, ints, floats, symbols, lists) until the right inlet receives a (reset) bang.
frq2noteAbstraction Converts frequency into a note
geomAbstraction Int in right inlet outputs the nth member of a geometrical row.
grid-rhythmAbstraction rythm generator
group-rhythmAbstraction rythm generator
group-rhythm2Abstraction rythm generator
groupsAbstraction random based object

Real Time Composition Library software library for algorithmic composition with Max/MSP (open source) RTC-lib

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