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inc-decAbstraction Functional implementation of the graphical user interface object Inc-Dec.
infinity-rowAbstraction pitch generator
insertAbstraction Inserts an element after a position (= index) in the list
integAbstraction Accumulates input values until a bang (or any input) is sent to the right inlet.
intv2ratioAbstraction Converts an interval into a ratio.
invAbstraction Calculates the inversion of a number.
key-bangAbstraction Sends out a bang whenever a certain key is pressed.
lastAbstraction Outputs the last element of a list.
lin2dBAbstraction Converts linear values into dB.
List Operations &tc.Abstraction this is for lists what the int object is for integers.
loop-sf~Abstraction Loops a selected mono sndfile.
make-choice-listAbstraction random based object
make-ED-scaleAbstraction list generator
make-scaleAbstraction list generator
make-trans-scaleAbstraction list generator
markovAbstraction probability based object
markov-harmonyAbstraction pitch generator
markov-rhythmAbstraction rythm generator
max-cursorAbstraction shows/hides the mouse cursor
max-menubarAbstraction 1 or 0 send to the inlet (or given as the argument) switches MAX's menubar on or off.
max-overdriveAbstraction 1 or 0 send to the inlet
max-quitAbstraction Quits MAX immediately - BEWARE!
metro-dev%Abstraction rythm generator
minusAbstraction Simply makes the negative of an int sent to the input.
ms2secAbstraction Converts milliseconds into seconds.

Real Time Composition Library software library for algorithmic composition with Max/MSP (open source) RTC-lib

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