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MSP-iovs~Abstraction select I/O vector size
MSP-sigvs~Abstraction select signal vector size
MSP-sr~Abstraction Sets the sampling rate of MSP.
MSP-takeover~Abstraction MSP takeover
multipleAbstraction list based object
neutral-harmonyAbstraction pitch generator
nnameAbstraction turns an int in its inlet into a symbol representing the note name of the corresponding MIDI note.
normalize-rowAbstraction Normalization of a twelve-tone row
note2centsAbstraction Shows how many cents a microtonal note is deviating from a tempered one.
note2frqAbstraction Converts a note into frequency.
note2pitchAbstraction Outputs the pitch class of a note
note2stAbstraction Outputs the intervals of an incoming stream of notes
panningAbstraction Equal power panning based on John Chowning's paper "Simulation of Moving Sound Sources".
passAbstraction Let a certain percentage of bangs pass.
pass-bangAbstraction Let every nth bang pass.
per2passAbstraction Converts a periodicity factor into a percentage value for the pass-object.
periodicAbstraction random based object
permutateAbstraction random based object
permutate-rowAbstraction dodecaphonic based object
pieceAbstraction list based object
pitch-from-intervalsAbstraction pitch generator
pitch-from-rowAbstraction pitch generator
pitch-from-row-modAbstraction pitch generator
pitch2noteAbstraction Combines pitch class and register into a note
playAbstraction Plays a note whenever a key number is sent to the left inlet.

Real Time Composition Library software library for algorithmic composition with Max/MSP (open source) RTC-lib

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