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gen_paf~Patch Phase aligned formant synthesis. gen~ version for paf~.
interpianacExternal Historic : Port of interpianac from the NeXt Max version.
jit.perceptronPatch simple pattern recognition
omcsnetJavaclass (mxj) omcsnet is a semantic network of common-sense knowledge relationships.
op.beatitude~Abstraction Beat and tempo tracker abstraction.
op.buffercopyJavaclass (mxj) op.buffercopy copies a buffer~ to another buffer~ entirely or channel by channel. It can do it on another thread in case its size is large.
op.dmxusbproAbstraction op.DMXUSBPro is an abstraction for controlling the Enttec DMX USB Pro.
op.drop~External op.drop~, water drop and rain simulation.
op.fann.mlpExternal mlp, multilayer perceptron, neural network
op.fann.tdExternal td, time delay neural network (alpha version)
op.googletranslateJavaclass (mxj) Translation tool for western and non western languages
op.lcmgdcJavaclass (mxj) Least common multiple (LCM) & greatest common divisor (GDC)
op.recognizeJavaclass (mxj) Speech recognition and segmentation. Recognize is a speech to text based on Sphinx4. It translates the incoming audio signal into text and can give dates of words and phonemes in a buffer~. Uses JSGF grammar file and ngram model languages. No special voic
op.soundcloudJavaclass (mxj) upload files on SoundCloud.com
rezumaiJavaclass (mxj) Natural Language Processing. Speech tagging, automatic text summarizer, html, doc and pdf parser, text "explainer".
thresh_1024External thresh with max 1024 atoms

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