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dispenserAbstraction Clarence Barlow's indispensability function for Max/MSP
key*spacePatch Interactive neural-net patch based on Carol Krumhansl\'s research on tonal hierarchies
Quintet.net ClientCollective Client component - for up to five performers in a Quintet.net network
Quintet.net ConductorCollective Conductor component - streaming of score data and other control messages
Quintet.net ListenerCollective Listener component - for Internet audience
Quintet.net ProxyCollective Proxy server for participants with NAT in need of several Listeners
Quintet.net ServerCollective Server component - manages and multiplies the data streams from the other components
Quintet.net ViewerCollective Viewer add-on - video mixer and processor - requires Client or Listener
rtomAbstraction ratio to MIDI
scrollbar.jsJavascript (jsui) This is a JavaScript scrollbar object modeled after the scrollbar that Cycling 74 uses in a number of their objects (such as jit.cellblock or detonate).
Studie IIPatch Real-time realization of Karlheinz Stockhausen\'s Elektronische STUDIE II (with display of graphical score)
VeloDecoderAbstraction Velocoder encodes eighth-tone deviation in the velocity part. Use to prepare Finale non-standard files.

Micro-Utilities A collection of abstraction for the creation and playback of microtonal music
Quintet.net Quintet.net is an interactive network performance environment invented and developed by composer and computer musician Georg Hajdu. It enables up to five performers to play music over the Internet under the control of a \

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