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gem.scaleExternal Scale a gem object
gem.scaleXYZExternal Scale a gem object
gem.separatorExternal Separates the effects of the rest of the chain from the what happens below the separator.
gem.shininessExternal Shininess a gem object
gem.specularExternal Specular a gem object
gem.specularRGBExternal Specular a gem object
gem.sphereExternal Creates a sphere
gem.spline_pathExternal Spline path (currently not available)
gem.squareExternal Creates a square
gem.teapotExternal Creates a teapot
gem.text2dExternal Creates a 2D string
gem.text3dExternal Creates a 3D string
gem.textextrudedExternal Creates a extruded string
gem.textoutlineExternal Creates a outline string
gem.translateExternal Translate a gem object
gem.translateXYZExternal Translate a gem object
gem.triangleExternal Creates a triangle
gem.tubeExternal Creates a tube
gem.world_lightExternal Creates a world_light - position is at infinity (can be rotated)
hsv2rgb Change HSV to RGBExternal
invertExternal Invert 0 to 1 or 1 to 0
multiselectExternal Same as "select" object
oneshotExternal Output a number when bang is inputted

GEM (Graphics Environment for Multimedia) This software enable Max to render interactive 3D graphics using OpenGL.

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