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asciiExternal integers to ascii converter
BigUrnAbstraction This is an abstraction for an object similar to "urn" but without the limit of 4096 elements.
DealExternal returns random integers within a specified range.
DicegamePatch It is yet another implemention of the Mozart Dicegame
memberAbstraction list based object
parseExternal The parse object takes a list input and parses it into sublists.
PlayMatrixColumnAbstraction to make "music from pixels".
Primal DrummerPatch Here is a patch that I started as a tiny tutorial on using Max scripting to change the size of a matrix control object.
PulseMetroExternal This is a metronome that counts measure numbers, beats numbers within measures, and subdivisions of the beat ("ticks").
RanABExternal returns a float between the lower and upper limits.
Rand32External returns a 32-bit signed random integer.
RanfExternal returns a floating point number between zero and one.
RanIJExternal returns an integer between the lower and upper limits inclusive.
SeedExternal allows you to set or save the random seed.
vDealAbstraction eturns random integers within a specified range
VdronkAbstraction Vdronk is my implementation of the Max drunk object.
vRanABAbstraction returns floats between the lower and upper limits. The upper limit will never be returne
VrandAbstraction gives random integers between 0 and 32767
vRand32Abstraction returns 32-bit signed random integers
vRandumAbstraction behaves like MAX's random object except that it shares a global seed with other random objects in my package
vRanfAbstraction returns floating point numbers between zero and one
vRanIJAbstraction returns integers between the lower and upper limits inclusive

Random Objects These are the collections of seedable random number generators that I wrote sometime in the early 1990's. These classic, OSX and Windows ports are thanks to Jeremy Bernste
vRand abstractions These new objects assume that you have downloaded and installed one of the the externals from the Random Objects library. There are OS9, OSX and PC versions. (Thanks again to Jeremy Bernstein.) I have not tested these new abstractions in OS 9 or Windows and would appreciate hearing from anyone you can verify that they work.

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