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Parts of the nSLAM audio suite.
The "xjimmies" library included with nSLAM v2.0 offers new functionality not defined in the original "jimmies" running under Max/MSP.
Specifically, a number of new objects have been added for working with multichannel sound, sound source simulation and immersive audio. The name of the library, formerly "jimmies", was changed to "xjimmies", since the "X"-platform library runs in both PD (Windows/OSX/Linux) and now, in Max/MSP (Windows/OSX).
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xj.2chpan1~ Abstraction stereo panning wonder

xj.5gain2~ Abstraction 5 channels gain control

xj.5pan2~ Abstraction 2-D panning object (pans input to 5 outputs)

xj.bal1~ Abstraction makes a balanced mix of inputs A and B

xj.bpfilter~ Abstraction calculates coefficients for biquad~ for a bandpass boost/cut filter

xj.catch~ Abstraction With [xj.throw~]dynamic duo of send~ and receive~

xj.db2amp Abstraction converts db value to amplitude value

xj.deg2rad Abstraction degree to radiant conversion

xj.envfol2~ Abstraction envelope follower

xj.flange1~ Abstraction flanger object

xj.fshift1~ Abstraction frequency shifter

xj.gain2~ Abstraction mono gain control

xj.harmbank1~ Abstraction 4 harmonizers in one convenient box

xj.harmv2~ Abstraction a simple harmonizer element

xj.helem1~ Abstraction harmonizer voice element

xj.loadbang1 Abstraction standard loadbang with a twist

xj.loop1~ Abstraction soundfile looper with offset selector

xj.odrive1~ Abstraction overdrive element

xj.ogain2~ Abstraction 8 channels gain control

xj.ogate2~ Abstraction continuous audio gate, using angle index to choose among 8 inputs

xj.omap-five.1~ Abstraction 5.1 pan map to dacs

xj.omap-octo~ Abstraction 8 channels pan map to dacs

xj.opan2~ Abstraction pans input to 8 outputs equally spaced on a circle

xj.optargf Abstraction optional arguments manager

xj.outmap1 Abstraction : output format selector

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