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KN-Lib is a collection of everyday abstraction tools. It contains mouse and keyboards facilities, converters, calculation, random, interval and scale generators, midi utilities...etc

(The old version is no longer available.
If necessary it can be downloades at :
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MtoS Abstraction Midi to speed converts Midi pitch into Speed control for groove~object

NewNote Abstraction note steeler : shuts the old and rettrigs automaticaly the new incoming note of a row

Notout External is a note complete setup object

NT External allows you to select multiples thru a row of numbers

NToL External Number to list convert a number into a list of corresponding digits

NumToList External Number to list with basis Converts a Number into a variable lengh list written in any basis

P2000 & Proteus2000 Abstraction are programchage utilities for Proteus2000

Panic External is a good true MIDI ALLNOTOF

PToS Abstraction pitch transposition in cents is converted into speed value (groove~ needs it)

Random-Delay Abstraction calculates a random delay

Rep Abstraction counts out repetition of the same value

Rnd Abstraction is a float random generator

Rseq Abstraction a listseq or sequence object with a repositionnable origin

Same Abstraction counts out repetition of a specified value

TempoToMs Abstraction converts tempo to milliseconds

TirL Abstraction Generates a list from a choice of intervals

Totempo External Human tempo sync converts dates or speed in ms. into tempo for the tempo object

VarTemp Abstraction Outputs variations of ntelets

VartempNT Abstraction Outputs variations of ntelets

XFW Abstraction is a easy indexable forward (send) object

xRnd Abstraction is a random generator for multiples with high limit

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