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Jitter is a set of 135 brilliant new video, matrix, and 3D graphics objects for the Max graphical programming environment. The Jitter objects extend the functionality of Max4/MSP2 with flexible means to generate and manipulate matrix data -- any data that can be expressed in rows and columns, such as video and still images, 3D geometry, as well as text, spreadsheet data, particle systems, voxels, or audio. Jitter is useful to anyone interested in real-time video processing, custom effects, 2D/3D graphics, audio/visual interaction, data visualization, and analysis
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jit.unpack External Make multiple single plane matrices out of a multiplane matrix

jit.wake External Feedback with convolution stage

jit.wake External Feedback with convolution stage

jit.window External Display data in a Window

jit.xfade External Crossfade between 2 matrices

patcherargs External Get parent patcher arguments

qlim External Queue based speedlim

qmetro External Queue based metronome

router External matrixctrl-compatible Max message router

spigot~ External Route QT and SoundManager audio into MSP

ubumenu External Non-interrupting pop-up menu

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