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Quaternion helper objects. Convert between quaternion, Euler, cartesian and axis/angle representations.
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axis2quat External Convert an axis/angle rotation (e.g. the output of jit.gl.handle) to quaternion

euler2quat External Convert Euler rotations (azimuth/elevation/tilt or heading/attitude/bank or yaw/pitch/roll) to quaternion

quat External "Represent, store and transform a quaternion"

quat2axis External Convert quaternion to axis/angle rotation (e.g. most jit.gl rotate arguments)

quat2car External Select a unit vector in the quaternion rotation

quat2euler External Convert quaternion to Euler angles (azimuth/elevation/tilt or heading/attitude/bank or yaw/pitch/roll). NOTE: there is a loss of information in the conversion from quaternion to Euler angles. This behaviour is matched by the original Shoemake algorithm.

quatpov External Rotate a cartesian point by a quaternion

xyz2aed External "Utility to convert a relative x,y,z vector to azimuth, elevation Euler angles and distance"

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