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Max/MSP is a graphical environment for music, audio, and multimedia. In use worldwide for over fifteen years by performers, composers, artists, teachers, and students, Max/MSP is the way to make your computer do things that reflect your individual ideas and dreams.
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random External Generate a random number

random_pitch+rhythm Patch note generator with random pitch and rhythm synced to bpm of Live set.

receive External Receive messages without patch cords

rect External Draw shapes in graphics window

relativepath External Convert an absolute to a relative path

rfc.multicollmanager Patch This abstraction was made to "merge" several coll's objects into one. This can be used to save all your's patch information and to load again when you open you patch.

ring External Draw shapes in graphics window

Rings of Saturn Patch This is a generative system that is able to create multi-spatial sound / noise enhanced with reverb.

*Please open the ringsofsaturnmainpatch in the folder for the whole patch*

route External Selectively pass the input out a specific outlet

rslider External Select and display a range of two values

rtin External Output incoming MIDI real-time bytes

savedialog External Open a dialog to ask for a filename for saving

scale External maps input range of values to output range

screensize External Provides the size of the current screen / monitor

select External Select certain inputs, pass the rest on

send External Send messages without patch cords

seq External MIDI sequencer

serial External Get and send characters to Macintosh serial ports and cards

setclock External Control the clock speed of timing objects remotely

sin External Sine function

sinh External Hyperbolic sine function

slider External Output numbers by moving a slider onscreen

speedlim External Limit the speed of messages passing through

spell External Convert input into a series of ASCII characters

split External Look for a range of numbers

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