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FTM is a shared library for Max/MSP (FTMlib) providing a small and simple real-time object system and a couple of optimized services to be used within Max/MSP externals. FTMlib is distributed with a set of basic Max/MSP objects (FTM externals) giving access to the library\'s functionalities.
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FTM External real-time object system for Max/MSP

ftm.copy External copy FTM object

ftm.get External get element of FTM object by index

ftm.invoke External invoke method of FTM object

ftm.iter External iterate on FTM object

ftm.mess External extended FTM message box

ftm.midiparse External parse raw MIDI bytes to FTM midievents

ftm.object External an FTM object in a Max box

ftm.play External play an FTM track

ftm.print External print any message, list value or FTM object to the Max console

ftm.record External record values into an FTM track

ftm.send External send message to FTM object

ftm.unmidiparse External unparse FTM midievent objects to raw MIDI bytes

ftm.value External store any value or FTM object reference

Gabor External multi-representation sound processing based on FTM

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