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. (dot) External shorthand bang

180wrap External wrap angles at 180 / -180

3Dcartopol External convert cartesian to polar coordinates in 3D (lefthanded coordinate system)

3Dmatrix External perform matrix-operations on 3D-points: translate / scale / rotate / skew

3Dpoltocar External convert polar to cartesian coordinates in 3D (lefthanded coordinate system)

a2db~ External linear amplitude to decibel conversion

bartime External display time in bar:beats:ticks(ms)

bcf2000 External parse nrpns from MIDI-stream

bezier External bezier curve from 4 ctrl points in 3D

bitlist External binary conversion with zeropadding

bits2int External convert bitlist to integer (32bit)

bspline External bspline curve from n ctrl points in 3D

bytecount External size of a file in bytes

ccext External merge 2 7bit-integers to 14 bit / change / deflutter (also deflutter only)

ceil External next higher integer from float

centlist External center of gravity of a list

changelist External filter out repeated lists, supports all standard datatypes

checklist External compare two lists

compare External compare 2 elements <, ==, >

copysign External copy the sign from sign-value to value

createfolder External create a folder in the file hierarchy

d2r External convert degree to radians / offset

dataType External dataType returns a numeric code corresponding to the value it receives.

db*~ External multply signal by dB values with slide interpolation

db2a~ External decibel to linear amplitude conversion

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