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log External natural logarithm

log10 External base 10 logarithm

log2 External base 2 logarithm

logb External logarithmic exponent

mathlist External basic math operations / bitshifting on lists

memchr External search buffer for a character

memcmp External compare two buffers

memcpy External copy bytes to buffer from buffer

memmove External copy bytes to buffer from buffer

memset External fill buffer with specific character

mmmlist External min, mean, max on a list

mtx External mutually exclusive switching

multisplit External split a stream of values into several ranges

n! External factorial of n

nn2bits External convert integer to bitlist (32bit)

p4mat External format messages for pattrforward

peakfollow~ External follow signal with exponential decay

peaklist External find the highest/lowest value in list of ints/floats

piwrap External wrap angles at pi / -pi

pi_constant External pi and it's reciprocal

pop External bang counter, filter or repeat bangs

posit External infos about objects, class-name, scripting name, box-coordinates

r2d External convert radians to degree / offset

replacelist External replace item(s) in a list

rgb2yuv External color space conversion (softVNS)

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