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rotatexyz External quaternion rotation from xyz angles

round External round to next higher integer

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slicelist External slice list into equal sublists

slidelist External slide lowpass filter for list, int & float

statlist External statistics on a list

str2ul External convert case of characters

strcat External append string

strchr External find character in string

strcmp External compare two strings

strcoll External compare two strings <, ==, >

strcpy External copy string

strcspn External search string for occurence of characer set

strcut External terminate string at specified position n

streamlist External shifting register for list, int & float

strfilt External filter string according to character type

stricmp External compare string case insensitive

strlen External string length

strncat External append substring to string

strncmp External compare some characters of two strings

strncpy External opy characters from one string to another

strpbrk External scan string for specific character

strpbrk External scan string for specific character

strrchr External find last occurrence of character in string

strrcut External eliminate section of string before specified position

strspn External get length of substring composed of give characters

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