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The sadam Library is a set of free tools that I programmed for MaxMSP. Main topics covered by the externals are streaming & networking (TCP & UDP), complex data management (XML, compression, base64), sound analysis & synthesis and some basic but useful objects for Max & MSP.
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sadam.addSynth~ External Additive synthesizer with time-dependent parameters.

sadam.base64 External Base64 encoder & unencoder object.

sadam.dom Javaclass (mxj) A Document Object Model (DOM) interface for Max.

sadam.empty External Detect/output empty symbols.

sadam.envelopeGenerator External Expr-based envelope generator for [function] objects.

sadam.float External Detect/output special floating point values.

sadam.fofSynth~ External Formant Synthesizer with time-dependent parameters.

sadam.gcd External Compute the Greatest Common Divisor of two integers.

sadam.getSoundDescriptors~ External Extract sound descriptors from an arbitrary sound.

sadam.lcm External Compute the Least Common Multiple of two integers.

sadam.limits External Get minimum and maximum finite values of Max data types.

sadam.lzo External Loseless data compression and decompression using the LZO library.

sadam.mutex External Mutual exclusion (semaphore) object.

sadam.normalize~ External An object that sets the gain of a source to the level of a reference signal.

sadam.peakExtractor~ External Extract spectral peaks from a signal in real-time.

sadam.phasor~ External Phasor object with maximal resting state.

sadam.prime External Compute the closest prime numbers to a positive integer.

sadam.rand~ External Band-limited random signal.

sadam.rapidXML External A RapidXML wrapper for Max.

sadam.sax Javaclass (mxj) A Simple API for XML (SAX) interface for Max.

sadam.sgn~ External Sign of a signal.

sadam.simpleAddSynth~ External Additive synthesizer with constant parameters.

sadam.split External Split incoming number sequence.

sadam.standardMap~ External A chaotic oscillator based on Chirikov's Standard Map.

sadam.stat External Get mean and standard deviation of a number sequence.

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