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The pg.library is a collection of externals for Max 5 and Max 6. It includes a data, a msp and a fft library.
The Data library is a collection of externals for Max 5 and 6 that can be useful for the management, the transformation and the generation of data. The Dsp library is a collection of externals for Max 5 that allows you to pack/unpack signals and to adapt signals for the operations with packed signals. It includes a quasi-synchronous granlular synthesiser and chaotic signal generator. The FFT library is a collection of externals for Max 6 for spectral description and analysis of a signal.
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pg.adaptor~ External Adapter for packed signal (Max5 only).

pg.analyser~ External Estimation of the centroid, the spread, the skewness and the kurtosis.

pg.chaos External Chaotic attractors.

pg.chaos~ External Chaotic attractors.

pg.descriptor~ External Sonogram and analysis of a buffer~ (beta).

pg.distance External Distances between ints, floats or lists.

pg.energy~ External Estimation of the minimum, the average, the maximum and the sum of the amplitude.

pg.flux~ External Estimation of the difference of amplitude between frames.

pg.gaussian External Normal distribution generator.

pg.gradient~ External Estimation of the slope or the decrease of the spectrum.

pg.mel~ External Spectrum above the mel scale and MFCCs.

pg.pack~ External Pack object for signal (Max5 only).

pg.pollock~ External Quasi-synchronous granular synthesizer.

pg.rlg External Random list generator.

pg.rolloff~ External Estimation of the rolloff frequency.

pg.scale External A scale object with autoscale mode and boundary mode.

pg.smooth External Values smoother.

pg.statistic External Statisics of a vector

pg.unpack~ External Unpack object for signal (Max5 only).

pg.average External Moving average ;

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