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Hoa Library is a collection of C++ classes and MAX/MSP objects destined to high order ambisonic sound reproduction.
It‘s totally free and made availlable by CICM, a research center bi-localized between Paris VIII University and the MSH (Maison des sciences de l‘Homme).
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hao.encoder~ External An ambisonic encoder

hoa.connect External Help to connect the hoa objects together.

hoa.dac~ External An ambisonic audio output.

hoa.decoder~ External An ambisonic decoder.

hoa.meter~ External A sound field meters and descriptor UI.

hoa.optim~ External An ambisonic optimization external.

hoa.pi External A good pi number with loadbang and a multiply factor.

hoa.play~ External An audio file player for ambisonic soundfield.

hoa.plug~ External A partcher that duplicates patcher for hoa processing.

hoa.projector~ External An ambisonic projection external.

hoa.recomposer~ External Fish eye operation in the plane wave domain.

hoa.record~ External An audio file recorder for ambisonic soundfield.

hoa.rotate~ External An ambisonic soundfield rotation external.

hoa.scope~ External An ambisonic harmonic scope UI.

hoa.binaural~ External A binaural decoder for ambisonic soundfield.

hoa.delay~ Abstraction An ambisonic harmonic delay.

hoa.grain~ Abstraction An ambisonic granular synthesizer.

hoa.mirror~ Abstraction An ambisonic soundfield mirror.

hoa.mixer~ Abstraction An ambisonic harmonic mixer.

hoa.wider~ Abstraction A fractional ambisonic's orders simulator.

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