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Tap.Tools for Max/MSP/Jitter is a collection of abstractions(sub-patches) and externals developed by Tim Place for use in Cycling74's flexible Max/MSP/Jitter environment. It includes over 100 objects implementing a variety of filters, effects algorithms, utilities, etc.
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jcom.limiter~ External Look-ahead limiter with built-in DC blocking and Overdrive

jcom.saturation~ External saturation

tap.1pole-lp~ External 1 pole lowpass filter

tap.5comb~ External bank of 5 comb filters

tap.allchange External Filter Out / eliminate repeated messages

tap.allpole~ External all-pole filter

tap.anticlick~ External click and pop reduction

tap.applescript External edit and run AppleScripts

tap.ascii External convertion integer - ascii

tap.atoi External ascii to integer converter

tap.auto_thru~ External Signal Routing Utility automatic switch

tap.avg~ External envelope folower

tap.bits External convert integers to/from bit lists

tap.change External Filter Out Repetitions

tap.colorspace External Colorspace conversion

tap.crossfade~ External Crossfade between two signals

tap.decay_calc External calculates feedback coefficients

tap.decibels~ External conversion : amplitude / dB Decibels

tap.delay External delay floats, symbols, and lists

tap.deviate External randomize and prime the input

tap.diff~ External 6dB per octave highpass filter

tap.elixir~ External Mix signals in the right proportions

tap.fft-list~ External FFT convert the frequency domain into a list

tap.fft-normalize~ External normalize an FFT

tap.fft~ External windowed and overlapped FFT

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