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Tap.Tools for Max/MSP/Jitter is a collection of abstractions(sub-patches) and externals developed by Tim Place for use in Cycling74's flexible Max/MSP/Jitter environment. It includes over 100 objects implementing a variety of filters, effects algorithms, utilities, etc.
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tap.plug.in~ External Pluggo-building utility - wrapper for plugin~

tap.plug.midiin External Pluggo-building utility - wrapper for plugmidiin

tap.plug.out2~ External Pluggo-building utility - wrapper for plugout~

tap.plug.out~ External Pluggo-building utility - wrapper for plugout~

tap.plug.pp.matrixctrl External Pluggo-building utility - storing/recalling parameters in a matrixctrl object in plugins

tap.polar~ External conversion : cartesian - polar coordinates

tap.poly.5comb~ External poly bank of 5 comb filters

tap.poly.normalizer~ External poly normalize signal

tap.poly.nr~ External poly FFT spectral noise reduction

tap.poly.shift~ External poly pitch shifter / harmonizer

tap.poly.spectra~ External poly FFT spectral remapping

tap.poly.sustain~ External poly sampling looper windowed

tap.poly.verb.lite~ External poly reverberation simulators

tap.poly.verb~ External poly reverberation simulators

tap.poly.vocoderlite~ External poly 12 band vocoder

tap.poly.vocoder~ External poly 24 band vocoder

tap.prime External generate prime numbers

tap.quantize~ External multiply and round off a signal

tap.radians~ External conversion : radians / degrees / hz

tap.random External random float number generator

tap.record2~ External crossfaded loop recording stereo

tap.record~ External crossfaded loop recording

tap.rms~ External root - mean - square of a signal

tap.scale~ External scale for signal / maps input range of values to output range

tap.shift~ External pitch shifter / harmonizer

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