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a collection of externals for trigonometrical calculations and conversions. The 8 objects include conversion between angular and cartesian coordinate systems and some vector calculations.
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trig.ang2cart External Converts angular coordinates (azi/ele/dist) into cartesian (X/Y/Z).

trig.cart2ang External Converts cartesian coordinates (X/Y/Z) into angular (azi/ele/dist).

trig.crossprod External Calculates the vector cross product.

trig.deg2rad External Converts degrees (-180 - +180) into radiant (-pi - +pi).

trig.rad2deg External Converts radiant (-pi - +pi) into degrees (-180 - +180).

trig.vecang External Calculates the angle between vectors.

trig.veclen External Calculates the length of a vector.

trig.vecprod External Calculates the vector dot product.

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