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free and useful externals
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adsr~ External enveloppe

byplay~ External byplay~ provides note-statement-like playback of audio from a buffer~

chopper~ External algorithmic buffer

clean_selector~ External Gives clean crossfades between signal sources. However, cannot mute incoming signals.

distorsion~ External distortion~ implements a simple transfer function form of clipping.

flanjah~ External flanger where better sound quality may be had with signal inputs rather than floats if you want to dynamically change the parameters.

granola~ External granular pitch shifter

impulse~ External impulse~ puts out an impulse in response to a bang

kbuffer~ External for storing control functions at a lower sampling rate.

killdc~ External A handy filter for removing pesky 0 Hz from signals.

markov~ External implements a first order markov chain and then outputs values tagged to events.

oscil~ External A non-interpolating oscillator with many of your favorite waveforms.

phasemod~ External phase modulation

pulser~ External A pulsewave with variable pulsewidth, created with additive synthesis

sigseq~ External a simple sample accurate sequencer with a synchronized adsr envelope.

triadica External

vdel~ External a variable delay unit with feedback

waveshaper~ External Waveshaper~ stores a user specified sum of Chebychev polynomials in a table which is then used as a transfer function.

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