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a collection of examples and utility patches
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DblBang Patch Detects single or double bang

Deflutter Patch Smooth out a fluttering input, such as a foot pedal

ExpCurve Patch Converts linear input to exponential curve

FrontPanel Patch A configurable control panel for organizing presets or parameters in a patch

GlitchFilter Patch Filters out monophonic notes shorter than a threshold time

Glove Arpeggiator Demo Patch generate arpeggios with Mattel Power Glove™

Glove Basics Demo Patch basic objects for use with Mattel Power Glove™

Glove Lissajous Demo Patch generate Lissajous patterns with Mattel Power Glove™

Glove Random Demo Patch generate random notes with Mattel Power Glove™

Hysteresis Patch Outputs 1 when increasing input reaches upper threshold, 0 when decreasing input reaches lower threshold

Lissa Patch A Lissajous Figure Generator

LogCurve Patch Converts linear input to logarithmic curve

MetroQ Patch Queues items and outputs them at a fixed rate

Ranger Patch Scaler. Converts input range into output range

RelSlider Patch Tracks an input and outputs relative movement

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