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a collection of examples and utility patches
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DblBang Patch Detects single or double bang

Deflutter Patch Smooth out a fluttering input, such as a foot pedal

ExpCurve Patch Converts linear input to exponential curve

FrontPanel Patch A configurable control panel for organizing presets or parameters in a patch

GlitchFilter Patch Filters out monophonic notes shorter than a threshold time

Glove Arpeggiator Demo Patch generate arpeggios with Mattel Power GloveŠ

Glove Basics Demo Patch basic objects for use with Mattel Power GloveŠ

Glove Lissajous Demo Patch generate Lissajous patterns with Mattel Power GloveŠ

Glove Random Demo Patch generate random notes with Mattel Power GloveŠ

Hysteresis Patch Outputs 1 when increasing input reaches upper threshold, 0 when decreasing input reaches lower threshold

Lissa Patch A Lissajous Figure Generator

LogCurve Patch Converts linear input to logarithmic curve

MetroQ Patch Queues items and outputs them at a fixed rate

Ranger Patch Scaler. Converts input range into output range

RelSlider Patch Tracks an input and outputs relative movement

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