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The MegaMAX™ Collection is a set of 33 external objects for use with Opcode's MAX programming environment. It was created by professional musician and programmer Stephen Kay in an effort to deal with some of the frustrations and limitations of creating a professional looking, feeling and functioning application. But you don't have to be an application developer! The MegaMAX Collection is for anyone who wants to make better-looking and functioning Max patchers at all levels.
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3D_Gradient_Panel External Draw background panels filled with luscious gradients for metallic and other effects. Control over angle of gradient, focus, beveled edges, etc.

3D_Label External Add bevel-edged labels with complete control of font, style, size, font color, label colors, text, etc. Change text on the fly - use to display changing values, etc.

3D_Outline External Create inset or embossed outlines around areas of user controls; i.e. use on top of the panel objects above for that professional integrated look.

3D_Panel External Create bevel-edged background panels with complete control of color, shading, depth, shape, etc. You can also, for example, use it underneath a PICT to add a beveled edge that can have its size modified at any time.

3D_Pict_Button External Display 2 different PICTs on the in/out positions of a bevel-edged button.

3D_Table_Display External Specifically created to display tables from a table object in spectacular color with beveled edges, without letting those bothersome users actually edit the tables!

3D_Text_Button External Create 3D buttons with 2 different text messages for in/out positions

aboutBox External Put up a custom, modal “About” window which remains on the screen until the user clicks the mouse or types a key.

average External Average ints, floats, and lists in various flexible ways.

Button External Create standard Macintosh buttons

charReplace External Change temporarily or permanently any individual character in a string (Symbol).

Color_Label External Create transparent colored labels in a variety of fonts and styles (and that means transparent over picts!) Change text on the fly.

confirmBox External Put up 1 button, 2 button, 3 button, or 4 button custom modal dialogs with or without color icons; change text and button text; retrieve which button the user clicked.

Hide External Make UI objects appear and disappear like magic, in response to User actions.

listmath External Perform 1 of 6 math operations to every member of a list, change operations on the fly.

multiEG External Create up to 8 multi-segment envelopes from a single object, which interfaces directly with env or envi.

Outline External Create single or double colored outlines around areas of user controls

Pattern External Create different shaped areas of multicolored patterns in a Max window - use as backgrounds, etc.

Pict_Button External Display 2 different PICTs transparently inside a button with all the features of the above button types, except there is no border, and shapes other than rectangles can be placed directly on top of other pict files or background panels. Great for those

prefsFile External Create a real, application specific Preferences file in an (optional) folder inside the System Folder, with custom creator and file type (and custom icon). Store and retrieve data in the file in one or more custom resources.

scaleX External Scale any range int, float, or list into another range with optimized memory features. 

selX External An enhanced “sel” object,

selXchan External Easy routing of notelists by channel

selXnote External Look for certain notes in an incoming note list

selXvel External Look for certain velocities in an incoming note list

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