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This is small growing externals set for max msp jitter by cycling74.
ranges from utility objects to some 3d synthetic motion physics sonic undulation
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a-12many External a delay line for 1 float to a list of many floats

a-2quad External convert a 3d point to a quad with rotation

a-3602azi External convert angles system 360->azimuth

a-3dkernel External compute a 4x3 matrix kernel with 3d transforms and outputs transformed points and kernel

a-a External returns golden proportion

a-azi2360 External convert angles system azimuth->360

a-cam External 1st person 3d camera navigation

a-camera External quaternion based camera

a-celerador External thrust physical model

a-change External output i,f,l only if change within fuzzy

a-circulo External outputs a circle momentum

a-colide External simple colision model

a-count External a floating counter

a-dbap2d External distance based amplitude panning in 2d

a-dbap3d External distance based amplitude panning in 3d

a-delta External difference from previous input: i, f, l

a-dir External calculates azimuth, elevation and distance from 2 sucessive 3d points

a-distance External ndim distance estimator

a-elips External outputs elliptical coords

a-fiddle External (pos, amp) list building

a-fifo External first-in-first-out npoints

a-flu External microbes on floats

a-gaussnoise~ External msp gaussian noise generation

a-grav External orbit around a point

a-hemisphere External maps a xy list to a hemisphere

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