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This is small growing externals set for max msp jitter by cycling74.
ranges from utility objects to some 3d synthetic motion physics sonic undulation
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a-rand External random number generator mapped to intervals

a-randomwalk~ External msp random walk generation

a-random~ External msp random noise generation

a-rednoise~ External msp red noise generation

a-rossler~ External msp rossler noise generation

a-smooth External one pole low pass smoother on i, f, l

a-spring External a spring

a-spring+ External a better spring

a-spring~ External msp spring model noise generation

a-string~ External msp string model noise generation

a-swarm External a swarm of bees

a-terr External a terrain model in max

gl_grid External simple jitter 3d grid

gl_grid.js External simple jitter 3d grid

gl_kinescope External imax cinema for gl

gl_ruttetra External rutt/etra synthesizer emulation: mono-channel matrix to surface

gl_terrain External gl 3d terrain in jitter

gl_terrain2 External gl 3d terrain in jitter

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