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The ejies is a collection of abstractions utilities, digital signal processing, JavaScripts tools I have developed in Max/MSP-Jitter for my own pedagogical purposes, using the knowledge I gained while teaching at Ircam.
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ej.mout~ Abstraction Panpot on multiple output (up to 8).

ej.mtof Javaclass (mxj) MIDI to Frequency (with tuning adjustment, works for lists)

ej.nthru.js Javascript (js) It does nothing... just pass the input to the output...

ej.numbox.js Javascript (jsui) An alternative number box.

ej.op.js Javascript (js) Open subpatcher by name.

ej.route.js Javascript (js) route data by type.

ej.urn Javaclass (mxj) Like urn for larger random range

ej.vdb-sig~ Abstraction Variable delay without clicks or transposition (accept signal as delay time)

ej.vdb~ Abstraction Variable delay without clicks or transposition.

ej.x2dx Javaclass (mxj) get the interval between successive values of a list

jit.fullscreen Abstraction jit.fullscreen create a jit.window on the second monitor.

jit.getparam Abstraction jit.getparam grab attributes from a jitter object and help you to manipulate different parameters.

kaf Abstraction Kill and Activate Finder

kd&u Abstraction Report 1 when key is down, 0 when you release a key

nine2X Abstraction obsolet: Convert mac path file (:) to Unix path file (/).

ptt Abstraction Push to talk, useful during conferences.

splay~ Abstraction graphical interface for sfplay~

stout~ Abstraction Graphical interface for dac~ with vu-meter...

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