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A number of Max/MSP externals.
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tl.list.tanh External Tanh curve as list

tl.metro Abstraction Alternative metro. If audio is running, tl.metro is driven by phasor~. If audio is of, tl.metro resorts to standard metro

tl.midi.a Abstraction Define universal standard pitch. Correct MIDI values.

tl.midi.a~ Abstraction Define universal standard pitch. Correct MIDI values (audio).

tl.midi.drift~ Abstraction Add 1/f pitch drift (jitter) to MIDI Pitch value

tl.midi.vibrato~ Abstraction Add vibrato to a MIDI carrier frequency.

tl.n++ Abstraction Slow uppward uzi for large tasks.

tl.n-- Abstraction Slow downward uzi for large tasks.

tl.pi External Calculate mathematical constant¹ (PI)

tl.qraphiqEQ~ Abstraction 1/3 Octave Graphical Equalizer

tl.s== External Compare symbols

tl.sig.vibrato~ External Apply vibrato to an audio signal.

tl.spectrum~.pfft External Real-time spectrum and sonogram

tl.tremolo~ Abstraction Add tremolo (amplitude modulation) to a signal.

tl.uzi Abstraction uzi variant that keeps Max responsive, provides progress report and more.

tl.velocity External Rate of change per second

tl.viewsound~ Abstraction Simple real-time sound wave display using two multisliders

tl.vst.helper Abstraction GUI helper for vst~.

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