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software library for algorithmic composition with Max/MSP (open source) RTC-lib
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16step-seq Abstraction rythmical sequencer

@ Abstraction Scales a standard slider (ranging from 0 to 127) between min and max.

add% Abstraction Adds a certain percentage to values in left inlet.

alea Abstraction random based object

alea-rhythm Abstraction rythm generator

anti-bis Abstraction Filters out immediate repetitions of integers. Right output sends a bang whenever this occurs.

anti-bis&osc Abstraction Filters out direct repetitions and when a number has occured the penultimate time

anti-interval Abstraction Filters out a certain interval

anti-octave Abstraction Filters out octaves between two consecutive notes

anti-octave&prime Abstraction Filters out octaves and primes

anti-osc Abstraction Filters out an integer which has occured the penultimate time.

banger External An object to bang outlets sequentially.

between Abstraction random based object

between-lin Abstraction random based object

between-lin-urn Abstraction random based object

between-log Abstraction random based object

between-log-urn Abstraction random based object

block-bang Abstraction Filters out bangs that arrive before a certain time span ("blocking time") is over.

BPM2ms Abstraction Converts beats per minute (BPM) into milliseconds.

brown-melody Abstraction Generates a brownian-mouvement-like melody

brown-rhythm Abstraction Generates a brownian-movement-like rhythm

brownian Abstraction random based object

butfirst Abstraction Outputs the input list without its first element.

butlast Abstraction Outputs the input list without its last element.

check-octaves Abstraction Checks whether an interval list sums up to an octave

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