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software library for algorithmic composition with Max/MSP (open source) RTC-lib
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random-norep Abstraction random based object

random-pan~ Abstraction random pan

random-ramp Abstraction Generates randomly fluctuating envelope shapes of a given dynamic scale

random-row Abstraction random and dodecaphonic based object

RandomSeeder Abstraction random based object

ratio Abstraction Chooses elements from a supply which are repeated according to a multiple list by using the "series" selection principle.

ratio2intv Abstraction Converts a ratio into an interval

reanimate Abstraction Sends out a bang on right outlet after x miliseconds if there has been no input bang in left inlet during x miliseconds.

remove Abstraction Removes the nth element of a list.

remove-dc~ Abstraction Removes the DC offset of an audio signal.

repchord-rhythm Abstraction rythm generator

repeat-ED Abstraction sends out a certain number of rhythm bangs

replace Abstraction Replaces an element of a list

reverse External reverses a list of numbers.

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rit-acc Abstraction Generates a ritardando or an accelerando

rota Abstraction random based object

rotate External cyclically rotate a list

round External round to next higher integer

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roundto Abstraction A number sent to right inlet is rounded onto a certain "grid" sent to right inlet.

row-modus Abstraction dodecaphonic based object

rtc.fullscreen Abstraction Toggles between fullscreen and normal screen mode.

samp10~ Abstraction Allows a polyphony of up to 10 samples at the same time.

scale-changer Abstraction scale changer

schweller Abstraction decrescendo-crescendo envelopes generator

scramble External scrambles the order of a list of numbers.

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