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software library for algorithmic composition with Max/MSP (open source) RTC-lib
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sect External outputs a list which contains only atoms that appear in both input lists.

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sel-princ Abstraction random based object

sequence Abstraction outputs the next element of a list

serial-rhythm Abstraction rythm generator

series Abstraction random based object

show Abstraction Displays a list in a message box.

showchord Abstraction Shows the pitch of a chord of MIDI note numbers.

shownote Abstraction Shows the pitch of a MIDI note number.

slice External divides a list in two.

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smooth-line Abstraction Interpolates smoothly between successive input values.

sneak Abstraction random based object

sneak-random Abstraction random based object

sneak-rhythm Abstraction rythm generator

sort External sorts a list.

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sqrt-pan~ Abstraction square root panner

st2pitch Abstraction Accumulates incoming intervals and outputs pitch classes

sum Abstraction Sums up a numerical list containing integers and/or floats.

super-rhythm Abstraction rythm generator

trans Abstraction transition

trans-exp Abstraction exponential transition

trans-lin Abstraction linear transition

trans-log Abstraction logarithmical transition

transp-pitch Abstraction Transposes pitch classes by a certain interval.

transpose-row Abstraction dodecaphonic based object

union External union - outputs a list which contains all atoms that appear in either or both input lists.

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